Links and information you will need for you to be able to film here in New Zealand.

The links to the left are immigration services you will need to be able to come here to NZ and film. We can organize all your needs, and make your trip here as easy as possible.

You will need to apply at your nearest NZ Embassy or Consulate for the appropriate Visa or Permit to enter New Zealand.

Overseas Film Crews will have to get a letter of non-objection from the NZ Film & Video Technicians Guild.

Any Overseas Actors must get their letter of non-objection from the Actors Equity.

Directors must get their letter of non-objection from The Screen Directors Guild of New Zealand and Producers have to get theirs from The Screen Production and Development Association.

If you only wish to come here to scout locations a tourist visa would be suitable and valid for 3 months.

This may sound very complicated but we can organize an assistant to help you through this process.

Information on Immigration Services

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