Film & TV Extras

Film & TV Extras

Film and Television Extras

Welcome to our Film & TV Extra Links, here you will find details of the leading agencies in New Zealand and what they in particular have to offer that makes them  better than the rest.

Warm Props as they are sometimes know are, TV & Film Extras are what make a good scene great. Background artists, or people who fill in to make a scene look real, are always in demand, and we have a range of agencies we work with who can offer you a wealth of Talent at short notice. With the click of a mouse you can browse thousands of available Talent, with a search criteria, that will make choosing the right people easier and more efficient.

We can supply you with any amount and any look you are looking for here in New Zealand. The agencies we work with, pride themselves on 100% commitment to a job, and their talent also.

Please take a look at the agencies we have on offer, some have an online booking system, which speeds up the process, others still operate a traditional system, but all are worth a look.

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