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New Zealand Film Locations and Scouting services are available for all your location needs. If there is anything you wish to find out before coming here to shoot your production, email me your requirements.

Send an email, call or leave a message on the numbers provided.

We are in New Zealand and are +1200 hours GMT, so please be mindful if you are calling from overseas, it may be the middle of the night!

Recent Jobs:

Short Film - Snow Dropping - Location Manager

Short Film - Aphrodite's Farm - Location Manager

Short Film - Take 3 - Location Manager

Short Film - Coffee with Allah - Location Scout

Short Film - The Graffiti of Mr. Tupaia - Location Scout

Photo Shoot - Les Mills - Location Scout

TV Drama - The Pretender 2 - Location Scout/Manager

TV Drama - Burying Brian - Location Scout

TVC - Glassons  X2 - Location Scout & Manager

TVC - Anchor Butter - UK - Location Scout

TVC - Arnotts - Location Scout

TVC - Toyota Corolla - Location Scout

TVC - Rabo Bank - Location Scout

TVC - Nintendo Wii - USA - Location Scout

TVC - Kiri Cheese - JAPAN - Location Scout

TVC - Quaker - USA - Location Scout

TVC - BNZ Piggy Bank - Location Scout

TVC - Bond & Bond - Location Scout & Manager

TVC - Insurance Ad - Location Scout

TVC - Continental Soup 3:30 itis - Location Scout

TVC - BMI TIME - USA - Location Scout

TVC - Burger King  X4 - Location Scout

TVC - Nissan - Location Scout

TVC - Glad Wrap - Location Scout



New Zealand Film Locations LTD.

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